How does it work - For the Student


During lecture, you can add your comments at specific moments in the video, so you can watch it afterward or send it to classmate.

the lesson using a tool that synchronizes your summary with the lesson recording.

Review what you marked for better comprehension, or view a lecture you’ve missed. Watch other classmates’ marks and send comments.

yourself a pampering drink and watch the course summary video.

How does it work - For the University

In the Lecture Hall

• Wide angle video
• HD video
• HD voice recording
• HD projector capture
• Ability to work offline
• Fanless device without moving parts
(minimal noise)
• Strong processor
• Small and light device
(includes a mounting arm)
• Fast and wireless communication
• Easy installation.
On the Campus

A dedicated system provides full and high-quality service for students. Automated control prevents breakdowns and provides quick troubleshooting. Monitoring events to ensure durability and availability Management system using little manpower Ability to manage a large number of lecture rooms, courses and students.
On the Internet

Full Service at the University including: maintenance devices, user support, strong server farm storage, apps for tablets and smart phones.